Hello, I'm Tonya

Leader Engineer Educator Author Kind Utterly Silly

I can't wait to see what we, as a software world,
create next and in the years to come.


About Me

Hum, let's see. How do you sum up who you are in just a few paragraphs? How about if I share a few attributes here. Then to learn more about little ole me, you can head over to my about page.

My Mission

My mission is to create betterment opportunities for all of us. I wish to give of myself, share knowledge, and help contribute to a better world.

Project Manager

I've been in engineering since the mid-1980s. The first 22 years of my career was in the high-tech automated manufacturing industry. Yup, I engineered the electrical and software systems for various instrument, assembly, robotics, predictive modeling, and reporting systems. Cool stuff. Shoot, I've been a team lead, engineering manager, project manager, and consultant.

Knowledge Sharer

I teach professional web development and programming at Know the Code. I'm a writer of books and sharing of insights and experiences in my blog.

Humble Servant
Story to Tell

Have you heard my story? I had a glorious career and was living the big life. Then illness knocked on my door and forever changed our lives. My story is not for the faint-of-heart, but one of miracles, hope, humility, and happiness. Sit down. Let me tell you my story.


I'm passionate about efficiency, building happy teams, building strong communities, helping one another, serving the needs of our clients, open source and web, craftsmanship, and much more. You can read my manifesto to discover the essence of me.

Utterly Silly

If you read my story, then you will already know that I'm happy by choice. I'm kind and a kindness advocate. I'm utterly silly, as life is meant to be fun!

you and I

We Developers - You and I

You and I may be on different ends of this planet, but we are connected.

We are the builders of amazing technological advances that revolutionize our world.

We are a community, open and collaborative, giving of ourselves to help one another.

We are explorers, discovering new possibilities and innovations.

We are craftsmen, striving to craft beautiful code solutions that tell a story and perform.

You and I, we are the software developers, engineers, and architects. Together, we make the web beautifully productive and connected.

We may not personally know one another, but we are connected.



Am I a freelancer?
Nope. I'm not a for-hire contractor or freelancer.
Am I seeking employment?
Possibly. If we are aligned and you believe I would be a good fit, then I'm open to discussing the opportunity with you.
What might be a good fit for me within your company/team?
Oh, you couldn't figure that out by reading this page, my about page, or my manifesto? Well shucks, I guess, I can sum it up here.

I'm passionate about empowering people, building awesome teams, sharing knowledge, improving processes, and kicking inhibitors to the curb (hum, I'm talking about obstacles and efficiency-inhibitors and not your annoying neighbor). I really dig helping people (teams, clients, and users) and crafting a roadmap and narrative where each can grow and achieve. I'm interested in technical leadership, functional management, teaching and documentation, projects and products, and just about anything that helps people do more.

Now, go craft a position for me where I can help your team, clients, and you be more awesome.
What powers me?
I'm powered by hot lemon-water and a burning desire to contribute to the betterment of our lives.
What is my favorite color?
Do I do public speaking?
Yes, I love speaking. However, I do not travel. Therefore, the event must either be virtual or close to NE Wisconsin, where we live.
Why don't I travel?
In the first 22 years of my career, I spent months and years on the road as we deployed the automated systems we built. When you build mega-million dollar systems, the deployment time and then subsequent training and transition times exponentially increase. If a project took a year to build, then I was on the road for at least ten months. In Chapter 3 of my life, I do not want to be in hotels or on the road. Period.
Do I privately tutor or do corporate training?
Nope. At Know the Code, I am focusing on teaching as many people as I can. Tutoring, mentoring, and private consulting require focusing on one person or a small group of people. That takes my time away from teaching the community, as I want to provide betterment opportunities for as many people as I can.