about me

About Me

I have lived two chapters in my life, one amazing and the other horrific.
In Chapter 3, I want to contribute to the betterment of our profession, communities, and world.


My Professional 30-second Elevator Speech

Hello I’m Tonya. The essence of my 3 decades career has been unlocking potential. I can see what is possible, that something which does not currently exist, but could. My creed is to create a vision that moves people and inspires them to want to bring it to reality.

Here is a quick list of what I believe in. You can read my manifesto for the complete list:

  • creating environments which empower people to happily maximize, grow, and achieve;
  • the long game, focusing on the end result to build a sustainable future;
  • excellence and providing the very best solutions for our clients, market, and people;
  • sharing knowledge and creating environments where knowledge flows freely;
  • making a difference, as we give so much to our work. It needs to mean something for all.

What motivates and drives me is creating betterment opportunities. Whatever my role, those moments when you I paint pictures and draw roadmaps to show you what is possible.influence a positive shift are exhilarating.

I’ve done cool stuff in my career like leading multi-disciplined teams in mega-million dollar programs, building my elite engineering firm, and solving complex, elusive problems for clients. But these do not tell you my whole story or share the essence of me.

How do I achieve results? It’s about being bold, fearless, adaptive, collaborative, inspiring, and innovative. It’s about painting and framing a vivid picture to show people what they could achieve and why it helps them. We get things done with people who are happily aligned to the mission and vision. That’s how I get results. That’s how we transform.


My Attributes

Here are some words to capture some of my attributes and qualities:

  • Visionary Leader
  • Decisive
  • Innovative
  • Team Builder
  • Strategic
  • Potential Unlocker
  • Fearless
  • Compassionate
  • Adaptive
  • Kind
  • Advocate
  • Knowledge Sharer
  • Analytical
  • Bold
  • Author
  • Happy
  • Utterly Silly

If you want to know my personality trait, I test as a ENTJ type, also known as a Commander.


I like to rethink and ask "Why"

I like to rethink the way we do things to find a better path, one that is more efficient, effective, leads us forward, and is balanced with the intent. I like to share ideas, plant seeds, and inspire you to consider a different approach. I like innovation and forward-thinking. My blog is all about the way I think. It’s meant to inspire you to stop, assess, and rethink.

How do I think?

I’ve always had a knack for seeing the big picture and questioning “why” and “how.” It’s my nature to ponder and think about other alternatives. Many times I’ll look at a process, product, or site and think “hmm why did s/he do it this way and how can we improve this?”

I’m a motivator, thought leader, and teacher. Yes, I’m an engineer too. But I like thinking of new ways and then planting the seeds to get you to think differently and move you from where you are to something better and bigger.


A Twist to My Story

I'm in Chapter 3 of my life. The first chapter was my childhood and then engineering career in the high-tech automated manfacturing industry. Then life threw me a curve ball, one that devastated our lives and redefined who I am. My story is not for the faint-of-heart, but one of miracles, hope, humility, and happiness.

I wrote an essay on HeroPress that tells my story in more vivid detail. In 2007, my world changed forever. I became ill, so ill that it disabled me. Each day I fought for survival and required constant care. In 2013, my body gave up. I spent 32 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On New Year's Day, while everyone was toasting the new year and what amazing things lied before them, I passed away.

I received a miracle that day. When I awoke, the pain was gone. I amazed my medical team as I went from death to a full recovery. Since that day, I've not had one headache or issue. I truly received a miracle. I am forever changed by it.

For you to know me, you must know my story. The agony I went through and then my miracle shaped how I think and what I believe. I'm blessed to have been given the opportunity to share, contribute, and teach. In this third chapter of my life, I am giving back.

Take a few minutes of your time and go read my story. Then read my manifesto. You will better know who I am and how I can contribute to your team.

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